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1964 Porter Family Reunion

Recorded by Anna Maude Porter...

Nina's Family:

Goldie & Everett Lute have a new grandson. Also, their son Mike had a scooter wreck and was hospitalized several days at Mercy hospital in Oklahoma City, and we are happy to report he is doing well.

Lillie Mae & T.C. Pledger's son is in college at Edmond. Their daughter Jan is graduating from Midwest City Hi this year.

Leroy & Oleta son Leroy Jr. is in college at Edmond. He has one more year.

Grace's Family:

Frankie, Mary Lucille's oldest son, finished his two years with the Army last November, and is working in Oklahoma City.

Dickie & June lost their baby on December 13, 1963.

Mary, her oldest daughter, graduated from C. H. high school this year.

Pauline & I were out to California this spring and visited Clara and her family. While we were there her son David returned from a 3 year stay with the Army in Germany.

Clara has 21 grandchildren, all of her children are doing well financially, but Clara is not in very good health as she is in need of surgery, and may be in the hospital now, we have a get well card which we wish you would sign and I will send. She mentioned several times she would like to be here for a reunion. The last time she was to a reunion was to mama's & papa's 50th wedding anniversary which was in December of 1941.

Ella Mae & Floyd, daughter Gweny have a new boy, April 12, Jeffrey Lynn.

We also visited John & Doris & their family. John's health has improved and he is looking good, also all of his family are fine. John has a good job, and a nice home in Whittier California. They are coming back June the 19th for three weeks. They would like to have been here for the reunion but their schools weren't out yet.

Billie & Betty are doing fine.

Chas & Kate's Family:

I guess most everyone here knows that Chas has had a blood clot in his groin, and was hospitalized in Stillwater about 3 weeks, he was home 3 weeks, then came to Okla. City and was in Mercy hospital about 2 more weeks, he is doing better now and we are very glad he is here today.

Verle & Peggy have bought a home in Stillwater on Lewis Street.

Alta & Chas Porter Jr. son, which is Chas Porter III, is attending Tonkawa College.

Thelma & Henry Cullers have there first grand daughter, Billie Jean Cullers, born July 18, 1963.

Max & June's daughter Beverly is graduating from Stillwater Hi School. Rhonda has been in the hospital several times the past year with a nervous condition.

Minnie Hunt Family:

Minnie was hospitalized a few days with kidney stones last August but doing well now.

Edna's daughter Leora Mae is working for the government in Washington D.C.

Harold's daughter Sharon, who makes her home with Wesley, Joann & Minnie, has been hospitalized at Fairfax, Oklahoma for 7 weeks with a rheumatic heart condition, she is home now and is improving.� Joann�s father, Mr. Joe McKinney is very critical with cancer.

Clark Family:

Clark & Lottie have just returned from a trip to Louisiana.

Pauline & I also visited Carol & Mae in Phoenix, Arizona on our return trip from California. Carrol is employed at a printing company. They have a very nice home, we spent the night with them.� They have two children.

Anecia & Jim Wall have a son to join them and their two daughters. They are building a new home at Tulsa.

Gene & Dorothy both have their Pilot License, and Gene has his Glider License.

I have no report about Jr. & Francis except maybe a new bull.

Mary's Family:

We are so glad for Mary to be with us or back where she belong, we also visited with Mary while in California. She has a very nice trailer house, which is only a few blocks from Leora & Marty & Family, which we also visited while there.� Mary and Sherri, Leora�s daughter, arrived by plane May 17.� They will be here about 4 weeks and hope to see & visit everyone.

Leora & Marty's daughter, Gloria, got married last June to John Roberts. While John was serving 6 months with the Army, Mary made her home with Gloria.

We are very glad to have Sherri with us this year.

I had a wonderful time visiting with Leora & her family during our three months stay in California. I never knew any person could go so fast, so many places, and do so much as Leora does every day.

Leora had taken a course in cake decorating and while we were there she decorated several for different occasions. For Willard's birthday, she decorated his cake like a man's shirt, which was beautiful, and we certainly enjoyed our visit with them.

Also, Mary has a new grandson whose parents are Jr. & Wanda Weeks. His name is Michael Arlie, born November 13.

Lucille's Family:

Lucille & George's son Georgie went to the Army March 12. He was stationed 9 weeks at Fort Polk, Louisiana. While there he had the measles. Then he came home for 10 days, he left last Wednesday for Camp Fort Lewis, Washington.� When his plane was leaving Oklahoma City, it had to make an emergency landing because of engine trouble, he was stranded 4 hours.

George's health hasn't been too good this year.

Pauline's Family:

Cecil had to work today and couldn't get off, but I think the main reason is because he is still wore out from his trip to California. Me and Pauline and the rest of them walked him enough till I know he�s a foot shorter & at least 2 feet wider, but I think he enjoyed himself.� They were in California for three weeks, and we made the trip back home together.

Dickie & Dolores have sold the house they bought from Mary, and are living on North West 16th. They operate a New & Repair Vacuum sweeper company at 23rd & May.

J.D. is getting along fine now with his five women. Chris was very sick for awhile, she had her right kidney removed November 4, then developed a blood clot. She was bed fast 7 weeks, but is doing fine now.

Gracie is just getting over the measles. She didn't take care of herself and was very sick for a time.

Wanda & Gene & family moved into their new home on an acreage near New Castle last September.

Pauline has no new grandbabies this year but wait till next year.

Franklin's Family:

Franklin & Sylvia had their garage burned down, we are glad it wasn't worse than it was.

Kenneth & Marilyn have a baby boy born December 31, his name is Tracy Porter.

Gary is attending Tonkawa College.

Anna Maude's Family:

And now for my family.

I know everyone knows of our great loss. Carolyn passed away October 21, 1963 and I would like to take this time to thank everyone for all the kindness & sympathy cards and flowers, gifts and prayers and so many other things that words can�t express our appreciation and gratitude.� I know we will miss her today and I know she will be missed by all.

Tony & his family are still in California, Willard & I went to visit them in January and we were out in California 3 months. Willard worked most of the time. We saw most everything and visited all our relatives there and had a wonderful time.

Lou & her family are still in Anchorage, Alaska. We were in California when the earthquake happened, we certainly had a terrible scare, we knew from the time difference when the earth quake was, a little after 5 p.m., that Lou and Ronnie would be getting off of work, and the children were at baby sitters. At the time we didn't know Lou didn't work downtown, all we knew was that she worked at a Montgomery Wards store, we didn't know it was in the suburbs. They were not hurt but terribly frightened, we didn't hear from them until around 8pm Sunday night when Ronnie phoned his dad, and we were all certainly relieved & thankful that they were so fortunate during this terrible disaster. They lost everything that could be broken. They were fortunate they had a camper, as they had to live in it for about a week, because there wasn't any gas or electric in their house, and the temperature was 6 degrees below zero. They think they will be home by this time next year or for sure in November of 65.

June & Jack are building a new home in the north edge or Moore, and will be moving in the next couple of weeks.

As for me, I am a nurse's aid at Mercy Hospital and hoping for the day when I can become a practical nurse. And boy can I throw a wicked bed pan.

Elva & L.T. Family:

We are very glad to have them with us, as they have both been critically ill the past year. They are planning on moving to Guthrie in the near future.

Pauline heard around the first of the year from Uncle Henry & Aunt Flossie, and Uncle Henry had had a prostrate operation but was doing fine. They were here last summer and plan visiting their son Ray and his family again this summer.

I think several heard from Uncle Dave, our mother's brother, last Christmas.�He is getting very feeble, as he has severe varicose veins. His wife Aunt Ida is failing fast.

As most everyone here knows the Theadfords, as their family and our family were great friends in the past, knew Willie Theadford. He passed away last March which was the end of that generation of Theadfords.

We are all trying to make a genealogy book, that is the history of the Porter Family. I have sent out several papers to be filled out and returned to me. I have a few here today, & I will get some more, and will send to all that needs one and hasn�t had one.

How I want them filled out for instance with Roys family I want Roys & Nina Children on one sheet, then on another sheet for instance LeRoy and his family, then on another sheet Le Roys son Frankie & his family.� Each family on an individual sheet, and I hope by next year we can have our book nearly completed and each year we will add as we grow and maybe someday it will be of service to many.

Just a reminder if anybody here wants to add to Uncle Chas marker, we have a box here that you can drop your offering in and if there is more money than we need we will use it for the genealogy book, if that is agreeable with all.

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Friday, May 8, 1964


Dear Anna Maude,


Received your letter and papers yesterday, and have fixed them up as far as I can go. I can't remember the date Anecia was married, nor the year the twins were born, but it was the next year I know.

Maybe what I left out you can get from her Memorial Day, I thought about sending the papers to her, but she is so slow at writing or anything I didn't figure you would get them back soon.


As far as news to tell about, we nave none for ourselves, Dorothy said nothing had happened in their family this year, and Anecia has the new baby boy is all I know of there. Dad and Lottie are in Louisiana now but to be home in the next day or so.


Am glad Charlie is doing better, I was in the City yesterday and called to see how he was.


Take care, and we'll see you May 30th.



Francis & Family


Hope this information is fixed up like its supposed to be, maybe we can add some more to it when we see you.




The Great Alaska Earthquake struck on Good Friday, March 27, 1964, in downtown Anchorage, at 5:36 P.M.
Duration 4 minutes.
Measured 8.6 on the Richter Scale.
131 deaths.


It was the most powerful earthquake ever measured in North America.