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1965 Porter Family Reunion

Written by Anna Maude Porter Ard...

I will read the minutes of May 30, 1964, which was our 12 gathering.  We had a very nice crowd last year—which was 116.  I believe it is our largest group.  I hope we have that many or more this year, so everyone be sure to sign the book and those with children see that their name is there.

I read the minutes & turned it over to Clark who was in charge.

We brought up about getting a marker for Uncle Chas.  We received $14.  So if any one would like to put in on it this year we will be able to have it in place by next year.  Maybe they are a lot of people think it is foolish.  Well I know there’s not any nieces or nephews that doesn’t remember Uncle Chas & Aunt Polly, and I believe that most of the great nieces & nephews remembered them also.  Aunt Polly has a marker, and several of the family would like to see Uncle Chas have one.  He is buried in Perkins, Oklahoma.

Clark thought it was a good idea to organize a program.  It was agreed.  I was kept as Secretary & Treasurer and Veryl as Chairman by acclamation.  Clark Porter Jr. brought his recorder and all the program was recorded.  Afterward everyone was interviewed by Veryl.  There were 9 that had been at each reunion.  We all sang “What A Friend We Have In Jesus”.

Dickie Adams dismissed by prayer.

Clark said the Blessing for the wonderful dinner every one had prepared and brought and now for the news of all the family.

If I have miss something you will have to tell me about it after the program is over.  I only received one letter this year and that was from Nina.

As I call the name of the family, I wish every one in that family would stand then maby some of the new one will learn Who is Who.

Nina Family.  Leroy son is still going to Edmond College and work at Tinker Field.  Lillie Mae had surgery April 19 and doing fine.  Fat & Dorthy & son Herb have a restaurant in Guthrie.

We want to express our sympathy to Jean & her family in the death of her father.

Grace & Elmer Family.  We are very glad to have John & Doris and their family all back with us.  They have moved back hear from California.  They are living at Tupelo, that is down by Ada.

They all say how wonderful California is and I guess it is, but these Okies have to come back home.  I just wish their another family of Okies that would move back home.

John & Doris has a set of twin boys.  William Elmer was stillborn and John Herbert is now and doing fine.  John & Doris oldest daughter Linda is married and also has a baby.

Mary Lucile son Frankie is living in California.

Dickie & June has a little boy name Micheal Dean, born November 8, 1964.

Mary her oldest daughter was married April 1 to Gerald Eisenback, they live in Dallas, Texas.

Her next daughter, Ester Morrision, has a little boy Berry Jean, born March 13, 1965.

So now Mary is in the Grandmama line with the rest of now.

Charlie & Kate:  They haven’t been feeling very good all year, but are feeling better now.

Jr. & Alta son Johnnie Lee is graduated from 12.  He is planning on going to Tonkawa to college this next year.

Cha will be going to Edmond College.

Max & June daughter has just finish a course in the city in Oklahoma School of Banking, and now she is planning to use her education to being a housewife.

Minnie & Enoch family:  Well every one want to be real careful what they say this year.  Minnie can hear real good now.  She got herself a hearing aid while she was visiting in the City this year.

Edna & George and her family wont be here, she had a operation 2 weeks ago, she is doing fine.

Leora was married December 11 to ___.  They live in Washington, D.C.

Harold Ray youngest boy cut his foot April 25 very bad.  He had to be in the hospital a week, he is home now and doing fine.

We express our sympathy to Jo Ann & her family in the death of her father June 1, 1964.

Clark Family:  About the only thing I can report on Clark family is his reputation is increasing with new Bulls.

Mary:  We are real glad Mary is back, she has been sick this year too and also been in the hospital too, but she sure look good now.

Lucile:  We are very sorry Lucile can’t be hear today.  I think most of you know that George is in the hospital Vet.  He is in very bad condition, he has cancer of the lung.  George is still in the Army in Seattle Washington.  The doctor help to get him leave to come home because George is so sick.

It was very good of Mary to come back to be with Lucile & help her at this time.

Pauline Family:  I think all of you know Pauline was operated on May 1, and she is doing fine.  But doctor wouldn’t let her come today.  I told her the other night she just used this for a excuse because she had the program this year.  She want me to thank you for all the cards & letters that she has received.

Wanda & Jean Longnecker have a new daughter born July 22, name Tina Beth.

Franklin and Sylvia and their family.  They don’t have a new baby this year but they do have a new daughter-in-law, Marylin.  She and Gary were married.

Sylvia was also in hospital for a week with gall bladder attack, is doing fine now.

Well again this year my family is small but I have high hopes for next year that my Eskimo will be back from Alaska.  They will leave October 7, it will take a week or 10 days to drive home.  They still think Ronnie will be stationed at Tinker Field.  We are sure hoping any way.

June & Jack has bought a farm 1 mile east of Tuttle and will be moving there in July.

Tony & Jeannine & kids are still in California.  We are hoping to go out in July for three weeks.

Well I guess you all know what I am doing now.  I am going to school to become a nurse.  And as much sick as going on in our family it look like we need a Doctor too.  I started to school last October and will graduate next May.  I go three days a week, and it take most of the rest of the week to get my home work.  I have keep my grades on about 80 average and it is sure a lot of studying.  I have even learn to spell words I can even say.  When I graduate next year I hope all of you can come to see me, you are all invited now.

Alva & L J have moved to Guthrie. Alva has just got over the mumps.

Edith Cullers Henery Mother was married.

From the last we have heard Uncle Henry and Aunt Flossie are doing fine.

We haven’t heard from Uncle Dave since Xmas, but he was doing fine.

Amanda Cackler, she is our cousin on Papa side, she lives in Blackwell.  Some of you know who I am talking about.  She has been having heart attack and is bed fast.

Every one please remember to sign the book.  That is our way to keep the record.

Welcome to the FAMILY porter history web site

Dear Anna Maude,


Just a few lines this A.M.  Hope you are ok.  We are all fairly well.


Sharon is doing real well, tho a little weak, but believe she is going to be all right.  Of course she will have to be pretty quite all summer.


We will be there Decoration Day if my Dad gets no worse & its where I can get away, in fact I think I would feel better if I could be away for a few hours.  Dad is just lying there.  Doesn’t know anyone & hardly ever says a word.  Sure is pitiful.  But I guess you know how it is.  We brought him home last Wednesday eve.  The doctor said he could do no more for him.  That its just a matter of time now.  I set up 2 night since we brought him home.

Well I guess I’ll close & hope to see you Decoration Day.


Love as always,