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Lillie Mae Porter Photos

Welcome to the FAMILY porter history web site

Left to right:
John Clark, Lillie Mae Clark, Cyrus Clark
circa. 1877

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Lillie Mae Porter
circa. 1891

John Frank and Lillie Mae Porter
circa. 1930s or 1940s

Lillie Mae Porter, holding grand-daughter Baby Lucille

Lillie Mae Porter
circa. 1920s

Lillie Mae and John Frank Porter
circa. 1940s

John Frank Porter, Lillie Mae Clark Porter, Mary Porter Hartzell
circa. 1940s

Rescan of previous picture.

Lillie Mae Porter and her uncle Tom Clark
circa. 1930s or 1940s

Tom participated in the 1889 Oklahoma Land Run, settling in a log cabin 4 miles west of Orlando, Oklahoma.

December 28, 1947
1. Veryl
2. Carolyn
3. Mary Lucille
4. Lillie Mae
5. Johnny Ventris
6. Leroy
7. Wanda Hodge
8. Grace Arismendez
9. Chris
10. Tag
11. Dolores
12. John Frank
13. Tony
14. Fat
14a. Max
15. Sonny
16. Clarence Jr.
17. Bill Ventris
18. Kenneth
19. Gary
20. Lou Ard
21. Betty
22. Baby Lucille

Lillie Mae and John Frank Porter and descendants.
circa. 1940s

Summit View Cemetery

Guthrie, Oklahoma

John Frank, Lillie Mae Porter.  50th Anniversary.
December 22, 1941

Left to Right

(Front) Anna Maude, Lillie Mae, John Frank, Grace

(Back) Pauline, Mary, Franklin, Lucille, Clark

December 22, 1941