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6 Brenda Cheryl Wall

Brenda Cheryl Wall was born February 15, 1958, daughter of Anecia Blanche Porter and James Richard Wall .

Cheryl married Daniel Albert Doolittle in Neosho, Missouri on July 23, 1977.  Dan is the son of Dale and Dora Doolittle, and was born November 13, 1957 in Loranger, Louisiana.

The children of Brenda Cheryl Wall and Daniel Albert Doolittle are:

Welcome to the FAMILY porter history web site

Clinton Doolittle married Katrina Shera LaCroix, who was born in Hammond, Louisiana.  Following is a group picture from their wedding in August 2002.  They have a son, Evan Bryce, born November 7, 2005.

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(Standing, L to R)

Doug Wall, Lenita Wall holding Kaylee Wall, Dennis Flynn, Pam Flynn, Jim Wall, Anecia Wall, Cheryl Doolittle, Dan Doolittle, Mariah Flynn, Gary Doolittle holding Emily Doolittle, Adriana Doolittle, and Candi Doolittle.


(Kneeling or sitting, L to R)

Anecia Flynn, Andrea Wall, Natashia Flynn, Heather Doolittle, Clint Doolittle, Katrina Doolittle, Lindsey Wall, Sarah Wall, Mark Doolittle.

Cheryl Wall, Carrol Porter

November 4, 1958

“Brenda Wall”

(L to R) Cheryl Wall (born Feb 58), Ron Porter (Nov 58), Pam Wall (May 59)

Photo November 1960

Anecia and Cheryl

May 1976







Gary Lynn Doolittle


Oklahoma City, OK



Mark Daniel Doolittle


Tulsa, OK



Clinton James Doolittle


Tulsa, OK



Heather Rachelle Doolittle


Guthrie, OK