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5 Charles Leroy Porter

Charles Leroy Porter, son of Samuel Leroy Porter and Nina Reynolds, was born September 07, 1917 in Orlando, Oklahoma, and died August, 1985.

Charles married Opal Oletia Byrd.† She was born in 1920, and died in 2002.

Children of Charles Leroy Porter and Oletia Byrd are:

Following was written by Odis LeRoy about his father, December 05, 2005:

This is what I know about my dad.  He was a fire fighter in the Civilian Conservation Corps ( also known as Rooseveltís Tree Army, established in the 1930ís to provide work for the nations men and to help get our country back on its feet...† It built a lot of the old armories and buildings in our state parks all over the country) and was involved in fighting fires in California.  He also worked as a stunt man in some of the old movies.  When he came home in the late 30's he rode in rodeos and broke horses for a living even after he and mom got married.  They raised chickens and he would go into Guthrie to sell the extra eggs and take the money to the billiard hall and play pool to raise more money. 

Dad did a lot of things from driving a taxi in Guthrie.  Working for Stefen's Dairy until we moved to OKC and dad went to work for Longbell Lumber Co. on Broadway.  At this time we lived with my mom's parents until my dad got a better job working for Olsen Drilling Co.  He was a driver and mother would take the payroll to the men where ever they were on pay day.  We got to see a lot of OK this way. 

Dad was injured while unloading pipe and severely injured his back.  This was the end of the oilfield and Dad went back to Longbell Lumber Co on 42nd and Robinson where he worked his way up to being their outside salesman until the yard closed in the early 60's.  Mom and Dad bought a franchise from DX on 15th and I-35 and were in that business for a little over 2 years .  Then Dad went back to Longbell who had been purchased by International Paper Co. until he retired.   Dad and Mom both loved to do things together. In the 60's they were involved in square dancing hold state office as well as; fishing which is something they both enjoyed as long as their health was good. 

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Charles LeRoy Porter and Oletia Porter

Nina Porter (Samuel LeRoyís wife) with LeRoy, Lilly Mae, Goldie and Norma Jean.






Odis Leroy Porter


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