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4 Clare Elva Porter

Clare Elva Porter was born April 22, 1892, about 7 miles west of Orlando, Oklahoma.  She was the first child of Otis William Porter and Florence Halstead.  She had one brother, Clarence Porter.

She married Percy Scott, date unknown.

The children of Clare Elva Porter and Percy Scott are:

Clare’s second husband was L.T. Hurst.

Welcome to the FAMILY porter history web site

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Elva Porter
circa. 1895

Elva Porter
baby Kenneth Scott

Written on the rear of this rare photo submitted by Gary Porter:


Kenneth Scott and his Uncle Chas Porter

Taken at Mineral Wells Park, Guthrie, Okla

Kenny 4 years old. 1916


Uncle Charlie Porter

Our Dads Brother

Commentary by Marty Weeks, February 9, 2006:

That must be Kenneth Scott, son of Elva Porter, who was the daughter of Otis Porter.  I remember Elva visiting both Grandma Lucille and Nanny in the early and mid-1960’s.  I believe she lived up to about 1970.  After Elva’s first husband Percy Scott passed away, she married L.T. Hurst.  I never met Kenneth Scott and do not know what became of him.  Lucille said, as far as she knew, he was still alive in the 1970’s or 1980’s.  She would have known about him as long as Elva was alive.  I am sure you know that the Charlie in the photo is the brother of John Frank (Grandpa) Porter.

It is a good photo of Uncle Charlie.  One thing I really like about the photo it is at Mineral Wells Park.  I believe that is the park right by the fairgrounds and I believe the family reunion has been held at Mineral Wells Park, the Fair Grounds and Highland Park.






Kenneth Scott





Elva Mae Scott