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5 Clark Junior Porter

Clark Junior Porter was born in Oklahoma City on April 25, 1923, son of Otis Clark Porter and Bonnie Marie Jennings. 

Junior died in Guthrie, Oklahoma on December 02, 1965 and lies buried at Summit View Cemetery, Guthrie (block 32, lot 10, double stone).

Clark married Frances Anna White on July 07, 1946.  She was the daughter of Harry White and Minnie Ott.  She was born November 11, 1925 in Guthrie, Oklahoma, and died June 01, 2003 in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

The children of Clark Junior Porter and Frances Anna White are:

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Welcome to the FAMILY porter history web site

Junior Porter, school portrait

Clark Junior, Gene Porter

Leora Weeks, Clark Junior
About 1925

Clark Jr

Clark Junior, portrait
Late 1940’s

Clark Junior with friend
“War Is Over” Headline

Clark Junior holding reins
About 1925

Clark Junior with piglets
About 1925

1. Clark Jr., 2. Leora Weeks, 3. Anna Maude,
4. Franklin
About 1924-25

Clark Junior and Francis Porter
July 7, 1946

Clark Junior Porter
October 1962, 39 years old

Summit View Cemetery
Guthrie, Oklahoma

Birth announcement in Iten’s Biscuit Company news letter
April 28, 1923

Francis and Marsha Porter

(Back Row L to R) OC Porter, Henry Gibson, Marilyn Gibson, Edith Wall, Beverly Gibson, Doug Gibson

(Front row L to R) Francis Porter, Gene Porter, Anecia Wall, Lottie Porter, Della Porter, Dorothy Porter, Debbie Porter, Larry Hay (Sharon’s first husband), Sharon Hay (Porter, Gene’s daughter).

May 1976






Merle Dean Porter


Guthrie, OK



Marsha Elaine Porter


Guthrie, OK