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5 Ella May Ventris

Ella May Ventris was born January 31, 1921 in Oklahoma City, daughter of Grace Ella Porter and William Elmer Ventris.  She was the third of 6 children.  Ella May died of a stroke August 19, 2005 in Oklahoma City, and is buried at Sunny Lane Cemetery, Del City, Oklahoma.

Ella married Floyd Miller.  Floyd died in 1998.

Children of Ella May Ventris and Floyd Miller are:

Welcome to the FAMILY porter history web site

(Left to Right)

Bill, Clara, Betty (in rear), Grace (seated), Mary Lucille, Johnny, Ella May.

Taken 1950’s

Loretta Wilson holding one baby, and her daughter Pam next to her.
Photo taken August 22, 2005.
(Please email me and identify the man at the table… thanks, Ron)

Loretta Wilson’s husband Derrell holding their grandbabies—one girl / one boy (girl has brown eyes, boy has blue) and both red heads.
Photo taken August 22, 2005.

Funeral Program (click to see large version)
August 22, 2005

Betty Ventris’ oldest son, Gene Jenkins (left), and Larry Witcher (right), husband of Ella May’s deceased daughter Gwendolin Witcher.
Photo taken August 22, 2005

Mary Lucille, Clara, Ella Mae, Pauline, maybe Anna Maude

Mary Lucille, Clara, Ella Mae

Ella Mae, Bill, Mary Lucille, Clara

(?), Elmer, Mary Lucille, Grace, Ella Mae, Clara, Grace, Bill

Clara, Grace, Mary Lucille, Bill (not visible), Elmer, Ella Mae, Johnny
About 1930

(L to R) Ella Mae, Mary Lucille, Clara
About 1925






Gwendolyn Miller Witcher





Loretta Miller Wilson





Pamilla Miller





Rachel Miller