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5 Franklin Max Porter

Franklin Max Porter was born in Stillwater, Oklahoma on January 22, 1924, son of Charles Henry Porter and Kate Marie Adams.

Max married June Charlotte Neely on September 30, 1944. She was born June 16, 1926 in Arkansas, the daughter of Charley Neely and Emma Reaves.

The children of Franklin Max Porter and June Charlotte Neely are:

Welcome to the FAMILY porter history web site

Message from Ronda Porter Braga, July 5, 2005-

Franklin Max and June Charlotte were married on Sept 30, 1944 in Stillwater. They made their first home east of Glencoe, moving to west of Yale where they lived when I was born, then back to Glencoe, moving to a home east of Stillwater until I was 17 when they moved to Ponca City. They lived in Ponca until 1995 when they retired and moved back to Glencoe where they live today.


They celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary last Sept.  


Dads occupation was in power plants as an engineer. He is also a talented musician and still plays the guitar today. Mom has always been a homemaker and still makes the best apple pie on earth!! ha-ha..


When they were first married they picked cotton and dad farmed until he was hired on at the power plant at Oklahoma State University.  


Charles and Kate Porter lived out west of Stillwater until moving to a farm out northeast of Glencoe when Max was about 16. Charles was always a farmer, raising cattle. Around 1968 they moved into Stillwater where they lived until their death. I do know that Charles helped on the crew that helped build Lake Carl Blackwell out west of Stillwater during the depression.


My dad Max was the only one in his family to finish high school. The other four completed the 8th grade.   Meryl, Veryl, and Charles Jr. all served in WWII. They would not take Max because he was the youngest and they thought he should be home helping Grandpa on the farm. The three of them came home and each bought farms out east of Glencoe. Meryl stayed on his farm til he died, Veryl moved into Stillwater in the 1960's but kept his farm which he still had when he died, and Charles Jr. sold his farm and moved into Stillwater and became an insurance agent. Veryl worked for Oklahoma State University at the water treatment plant.  


Dad and his brothers and sister were less than five years of age apart and Dad was the only one not born in March!! After he was born the doctor told Kate she needed to find a way to stop having babies.. which she did and we never ask how she accomplished it!! ha-ha..


Kate was a school teacher, getting her school certificate to teach in Edmond. She met grandpa when she taught him school in a one room school house.. she was five years older than him...  


Oh...I forgot to put down that our daughter, who was stillborn, was born at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, Virginia.   Both of our sons were born in Pensacola, Florida at the Naval Hospital there.   My husband was career Navy, retiring in 1992 after 22 years. I work in clerical and am currently a Social Worker.  


Well I hope I havent bored you too much.. Keep in touch...Ronda

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