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3 Hiram Porter

Hiram Porter was born December, 1851 in West Jersey,† Illinois, son of Otis Porter and Hannah Rice.†

Illinois State Archives record that one Hiram R. Porter of Galva, Henry County, Illinois, died on 19 May, 1924 (see death certificate 0370109).

Hiram married Sarah Frances Annis on December 15, 1872 in Knox County, Illinois (See Volume OOE, Page 0136, Lic. 00002691).†† She was born July 22, 1852 in Victoria, Illinois, daughter of† Andrew Annis and Leah Brown, and died May 6, 1914 in Galva, Illinois. (Note: Hiramís sister, Sarah Jane Porter, married Orr William Annis, brother of Sarah Frances Annis.)

The 1860 Census in Truro, Knox, Illinois records that Hiram was 7 years old, place of birth Illinois.† His sister Sarah J. Porter was 4 years old, also born in Illinois.† Their father Otis Porter was 21, born in Ohio, and mother Hannah Rice Porter was 27, born in New York.† They were living on the farm of Luther Rice, age 67, farmer, born in Vermont; and Clementia Rice, 62, born in New York.

The 1870 Census in Victoria, Knox, Illinois records that Hiram was 17 years old, occupation: farmer, birthplace: Illinois; sister Sarah J. was 14, born in Vermont; father Otis was 40, born in Ohio, mother Hannah 35, born in Illinois.† They were living next door to Luther Rice, 79, retired farmer from New York, and Clementia, 74, from Maine.

The 1880 Census in Victoria, Knox, Illinois records that Hiram was 27 years old, occupation: farmer, fatherís birthplace: Ohio, motherís birthplace: New York.† The Census also records that wife Sarah F. Porter was also 27 years old, occupation: keeping house, fatherís birthplace: Maine, motherís birthplace: Pennsylvania.† Their son, Willie, was 6 years old. Also recorded that they had a hired hand living with them:† John Kerr, white male, 17 years old, born Illinois, motherís birthplace: Pennsylvania.

The 1900 Census in Victoria, Knox, Illinois records that Hiram was born in December 1851, and was 48 years old, had been married 27 years, born in Illinois, father born in Ohio, mother born in New York.† His wife Frances was born July, 1852, 47 years old, married 27 years, born in Illinois, father born in Main, mother born in Pennsylvania. Son Willie was born in September 1875, was 26 years old and was still single. Daughter Myrtle was born in 1881, was 19 years old and single.† Son Loren was born in 1884, was 16 years old, and single.

The 1910 Census in Victoria, Knox, Illinois records that Hiram was 57, married 37 years.† His wife Sarah was also 57 years old, married 37 years, was the mother of 4 children of which 3 were still living.† None of the children were living at home.

The 1920 Census in Rock Island, Moline County, Illinois shows that Hiram is 65 years old, is living with his daughter Myrtle and her husband Jessie Loewolf, a carpenter for a construction company, and their family with daughter Eurith, 17 years, daughter Edna, 15 years, and son Harold, 6 years.† Myrtle is 38 years old, Jessie is 40 years old.† His wife Sarah is not listed in the household.

The children of Hiram Porter and Sarah are:

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Willie F. Porter married Fannie Edith Collinson on February 10, 1910.† She was born February 04, 1888 in Victoria, Knox, Illinois, and died February 14, 1967 in Iroquois, Kingsbury, South Dakota.


Children of Willie and Fannie are:

Waverly Porter, male, born 1905, Illinois

Eva Porter, female, born 1907, Illinois

Orlo Allen Porter, male, born 1908, Illinois, died November 1982, Iroquois, Kingsbury, South Dakota.

Gladys Porter, female, born 1911, Illinois

Roland Porter, male, born 1914, Illinois

Right:† Map of the townships including West Jersey, in Stark County.
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Willie F. Porter

†6 Sep 1873

West Jersey Towship, Stark County, Illinois


Iroquois, Kingsbury, South Dakota

Myrtle L. Porter





Loren Arthur Porter

24 Mar 1884

Knox Co., Illinois