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3 Jane Porter

Jane Porter was born in 1862 or 1864.  She was the second child of John Henry Porter and Amelia Scott.

Jane married Noah Mee on April 14, 1885 in Henry County, Illinois.  See County Court Records, Film # 1435944-1435945.

Noah was a coal miner, born in Heanor, England about 1839.  He was the son of Thomas Mee and Sapiah Sereene.

Jane Porter Mee died January 31, 1939 in Chicago, Illinois.

Children of Jane Porter and Noah Mee are:

Welcome to the FAMILY porter history web site

The image below is from the June 1900 Census in Limestone Township, Peoria County, Illinois.

Listed are:

Noah Mee, June 1837, 63 years, married 16 years, born in England

Jane Mee, Wife, August 1861,, 40 years, married 16 years, born in Illinois

Hiram Mee, Son, December 1885, 14 years, born in Illinois

Reuben Mee, Son, December 1887, 12 years, born in Illinois

Amelia Mee, Daughter, August 1892, 8 years, born in Illinois

Clark Mee, Son, February  1894, 6 years, born in Illinois

Esther Mee, Daughter, December 1896, 3 years, born in Illinois

Adam Mee, Son, March 1899, 1 year old, born in Illinois.

In 1910, Noah Mee was an inmate at the Limestone Township Almshouse in Peoria, Illinois.






Hiram Mee


Peoria, IL


Clearwater, FL

Reuben Oscar Mee


Peoria, IL


Colonial Convalarium, St Petersburg, FL