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John Frank Porter was born July 06, 1870 in Knox County, Illinois, the son of John Henry Porter and Amelia Scott.  He was the fifth of seven children.

He married Lillian (Lillie) Mae Clark on December 22, 1891 in Geuda Springs, Cowley County, Kansas (south of Wichita). 

Lillian (Lillie) Mae Clark was the daughter of Samuel Harrison Clark (1845-1895) and Susana Jane McLeary (1847-1908).  Lillie was born September 01, 1875 in Griswold, Cass County, Iowa. 

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John Frank Porter died August 13, 1951, at home, 2526 S.W. 23rd Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Lillie died September 24, 1954, also at home.  They are buried at Summit View Cemetery, Guthrie, Oklahoma (block 32, lot 33, double stone, purchaser: O.C. Porter)  See photo album for obituaries.

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Children of John Frank Porter and Lillie Mae Clark are:

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The June 1, 1880 Census in Victoria, Knox County, Illinois records the following:


Henry Porter, 38, born Ohio, father and mother from New York, occupation: farmer.

Anna Porter, 23, Wife, born Iowa, father from New York, mother from Ireland

Chas H. Porter, 17, son, born Illinois, father from Ohio, mother from (Vermont), occupation: working for himself

Jane Porter, 15, daughter, born Illinois, father from Ohio, mother from (Vermont)
Otis Porter, 14, son, born Iowa, father from Ohio, mother from (Vermont), working out.

Lucinda Porter, 11, daughter, born Illinois, father from Ohio, mother from (Vermont).

Frank Porter, 9, son, born Illinois, father from Ohio, mother from (Vermont), attending school.

Willis Porter, 6, son, born Illinois, father from Ohio, mother from (Vermont).

Oscar Porter, 5, son, born Illinois, father from Ohio, mother from (Vermont), living away from home.

Following from the April 19, 1910 Census in District 186, Clear Creek Township, Payne County, Oklahoma.

Below from the June 23, 1900 Census in District 57, Lincoln Township, Garfield County, Oklahoma Territory.

John Frank and Lillie Mae Porter, Wedding portraits, Arkansas City, Kansas 1891, and their Marriage License.

John Frank was 21, Lillie Mae was 16 years old.

The Oklahoma Land Run for the Unassigned Lands was held in April 1889.   Frank’s father John Henry Porter and Aunt Rhoda Porter Cackler had participated in the run, homesteading on the north border of Logan County, west of Orlando.

Frank married Lillian (Lillie) May Clark on December 22, 1891 in Geuda Springs, Cowley County, Kansas (7 miles WNW of Arkansas City, Kansas).  Frank was working on a farm for a local family, and Lillie was doing housework for $0.50 or $1.00 per week, for another family when they became acquainted.

It is only speculation, but seems likely that Frank helped his father Henry and his Aunt Rhoda with their homestead run, then returned to Kansas to marry Lillie Mae.

Arkansas City, Kansas (established around 1870) enjoyed a population explosion in 1891, when thousands of people moved into the area in anticipation of September 16, 1893, the day of the Cherokee Strip Land Run.  It was estimated that the population swelled from 5,000 to 150,000 (most living in temporary encampments) as the federal land give-away approached, then shrank back to 5,000 in its aftermath.

On March 20, 1906, John F. Porter bought land from George and Etha Taylor for $3,200 located at South one half (1/2) of North West Quarter (1/4) and North one half (1/2) of South West Quarter (1/4) Section number Twenty Three (23) Township Nineteen (19) North, Range One (1) West of Indian Meridian containing 160 acres, in Clear Creek Township in western Payne County.


Then on February 5, 1910, he bought additional land from J.J. Parmely at South one half of the South West one fourth of section twenty-three, Township nineteen north of Range one West of Indian Meridian, for $600.

Lucille, Pauline and Franklin were born on the Clear Creek farm through 1912.


Grace married William Elmer Ventris on March 9, 1913.   Elmer was born in 1882 in Atchison, Kansas.   The Ventris family was well established with family groups in Clear Creek, Elm Grove, and Paradise, all in Payne County, Oklahoma.


On July 26, 1915, Frank’s father John Henry Porter died in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. 


Then in 1919, Frank and Lillie moved the family to Yale, Oklahoma, where Anna Maude was born that June.  Then in September of 1919, the family moved to Oklahoma City, in time for the children to begin school. 

Right:  Payne County, Oklahoma


Below: West portion of Payne County.  Blue box shows Frank Porter’s Farm.

Location is at Santa Fe Road (N3080) and County Road 59, 8 miles west and 1 mile north of Orlando, Oklahoma.

Image to right from Google Earth.


Notice Interstate 35 and State Highway 51 going east toward Stillwater.


To travel from the Frank Porter farm to the Henry Porter and Rhoda Cackler homesteads, take  Hiway 51 west 12 miles, 2 miles north, 1 mile west, then 1/2 mile north.

Left:  Garfield County.

Follow the family as they move around central Oklahoma…


Amelia Susanna Porter, born in Garber in 1897.

Charles Henry Porter, born in a sod house “north of Covington” in 1898.

Minnie Faye Porter, born in Garber in 1899.

In 1900 Frank Porter was renting a farm in Lincoln Twp. 

Otis Clark Porter, born near Covington in 1902.

John William Porter, born near Orlando in 1903.

Mary Porter, born near Orlando in 1904.

Below:  Northern Logan County.

Hi Ron,     I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning the Porter family.       I have never been to Henry Porter's homestead nor Rhoda's. I had not known where they were until recently.       My grandfather (Charles) was born about 2 miles north of Covington in a sod house according to Veryl. I suspect Susanna, Minnie & possibly Clark were born there  as well. In my notes I have them moving to the Orlando area in about 1903, then to the Clear Creek farm about 1906. If this is correct then Lucille, Pauline & Franklin would have been born there. Frank & family moved to Yale in 1918 & I think Anna Maude was born there. After Frank moved to Yale, Charley & Kate, who had wed in May of that year moved onto the farm & Meryl (Tag) & Veryl were born there in 1919. Charley then moved to an oil field near Covington where Thelma was born in March, 1920. Charley later moved back to the Clear Creek farm in the late 20's or early 30's, living there until moving to the Glencoe area. I have visited the Clear Creek farm, there is nothing there but a hole where the cellar once was.    I am having trouble attaching files to my e-mails for some reason. Will sent photos when I can.............. Later, Jim (Jim Porter, December 28, 2005)






Samuel Leroy Porter


Arkansas City, KS



Grace Ella Porter


Marysville, KS


Oklahoma City, OK

Amelia Susana Porter

09-29-1897 (or 07-1896)

Garber, OK



Charles Henry Porter


Covington, OK


Stillwater, OK

Minnie Faye Porter


Garber, OK



Otis Clark Porter


Near Covington, OK


Guthrie, OK

John William Porter


Near Orlando, OK Territory


Near Orlando, OK Territory

Mary Sophia Abigail Porter


Near Orlando, OK Territory


Norman, OK

Goldie Lucille Porter


Near Stillwater, OK Territory


Norman, OK

Pauline Scedonia Porter


Near Orlando, OK Territory


Oklahoma City, OK

Paul Franklin Porter


Near Orlando, OK Territory


Ponca City, OK

Anna Maudine Porter


Yale, OK