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John Frank Porter Family Photos

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(Seated) Lillie Mae & John Frank Porter,

(Standing L to R) Pauline, Lucille, Franklin, Minnie, Roy, Grace, Anna Maude, Mary


(L to R) Lucille, Pauline, Grace, Mary, Minnie, Anna Maude, Franklin, Roy, Child (maybe June Ard)


(1st Row) Charles Porter, John Frank Porter, Lillie Mae

(2nd Row) Anna Maude, Charlie, Pauline, Roy, Grace

(3rd Row) Lucille, Franklin, Mary


(L to R) Anna Maud, Roy, Minnie, Clark, Franklin, Mary, Grace, Lucille, Pauline, Charlie


Porter Family Portrait—1925

1. Charles Leroy Porter, b. 1917

2. Clarence Henry “Fat”, b. 1920

3. Lillie Mae, b. 1922

4. Anna Maude, b. 1919

5. Samuel Leroy “Roy”

6. Nina

7. Goldie, b. 1925

8. Pauline

9. Lillie Mae Clark Porter

10. John Frank Porter

11. Clarence Weeks

12. Mary Porter Weeks

13. Leora Weeks

14. Lucille Porter

15. (still unknown… anybody know for sure?)

Circa 1900

Porter Family Portrait—March 1918

1. Charlie        2. Minnie         3. Lillie Mae

4. Mary            5. Grace           6. Franklin

7. Pauline        8. Lucille          9. Clark

10. John Frank           11. Roy

Obituary of John Frank Porter

August 14, 1951, Daily Oklahoman.


John Porter Dies; Service Scheduled

John Frank Porter, 81, retired city grocer, died Monday in his home, 2524 SW 23, following an extended illness.

Services will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday in Hunter funeral chapel, with burial to be in Guthrie’s Summit View cemetery.

Born in Illinois, Porter came to Indian Territory in 1890 settling near Covington in Garfield county.  He later lived in Orlando, Logan county, a number of years before moving to Oklahoma City.  Here he operated a grocery store 12 years.

He is survived by his wife, Lillie Mae, of the home: six daughters, Mrs. Minnie Hunt, Ponca City; Mrs. Grace Jennings, 2636 SW 22; Mrs. Mary Crews, 2410 SW 23; Mrs. Lucille Grinter, 2314 SW 20; Mrs. Pauline Mendez, 2138 SW 20, and Mrs. Anna Maud Ard, 2625 SW 23; four sons, Roy and Clark Porter, both of Guthrie; Charles, Glencoe, and Franklin Porter, Ponca City; one sister, Mrs. Mary Hartzell, Tulsa; 42 grandchildren and 58 great-grandchildren.

Obituary of Lillie Mae Clark Porter

September 26, 1954, Daily Oklahoman.



Services for Mrs. Lillie Mae Porter, 79, Oklahoma Pioneer who died here Saturday, will be Tuesday at 1 p.m. in the Hunter funeral chapel, with burial in Guthrie.

An Oklahoman for 61 years, Mrs. Porter was born in Griswold, Iowa.  She lived in Stillwater and Guthrie before moving to Oklahoma City.  At one time, she and her husband, the late John Frank Porter, operated a grocery here.  She was a member of the Church of God.

Survivors include six daughters: Mrs. Grace Jennings, 400 S. Youngs, Mrs. Mary Crews, 2410 SW 21, Mrs. Lucille Grinter, 2314 SW 20, Mrs. Anna Maud Ard, 2625 SW 23, Mrs. Pauline Arismendez, 2138 SW 20 and Mrs. Minnie Hunt, Fairfax; four sons; Roy and Clark Porter, both of Guthrie, Franklin Porter, Ponca City, and Charlie Porter, Glencoe.

There are also three sisters; Mrs. Mary Triggs, North Platte, Neb., Mrs. Hattie Fisher, Lyman, Neb., and Mrs. Ellen Lumphire, Hillman, Mich.; two brothers; Dave Clark, North Platte, Neb., and Charles Clark, Aimsworth, Neb., 45 grand-children, 65 great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild.

John Frank Porter, Mary Hartzell, Charley Porter, Polly Porter

Albert Joy, John Frank Porter, John Clark

John Frank Porter, Mary Hartzell, in Perkins, Oklahoma

John Frank Porter, with paint in front of outhouse

John Frank with Lillie Mae.  Lillie is ill in bed.

John Frank, Lillie Mae Porter.  Veryl in back.

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December 28, 1947
1. Veryl, 2. Carolyn, 3. Mary Lucille, 4. Lillie Mae, 5. Johnny Ventris, 6. Leroy, 7. Wanda Hodge, 8. Grace Arismendez,
9. Chris, 10. Tag, 11. Dolores, 12. John Frank, 13. Tony,
14. Fat, 14a. Max, 15. Sonny, 16. Clarence Jr., 17. Bill Ventris
18. Kenneth, 19. Gary, 20. Lou Ard, 21. Betty, 22. Baby Lucille

John Frank, Lillie Mae Porter.  50th Anniversary.
December 22, 1941

Left to Right

(Front) Anna Maude, Lillie Mae, John Frank, Grace

(Back) Pauline, Mary, Franklin, Lucille, Clark

December 22, 1941

John Frank Porter and George, Jr.

Harry Hunt, John Frank Porter, Veryl Porter

(L to R) June, Lou, Carolyn, Lillie Mae, George Jr. (?), John Frank Porter, Tony, unknown.

December 28, 1947
(L to R) Pauline, Lucille, Lillie Mae, Franklin, Minnie, Roy, Grace, John F., Anna Maude, Mary

(L to R)

Charley, Grace holding Mary, Clark, Minnie, Roy

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Notice the reference to Lewis & Clark.

Also notice the reference to King Fisher.