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John Henry Porter was born on October 30, 1841, in Summit County, Ohio, son of Thomas Porter and Freelove Clark.  He was the youngest of five children. 

John Henry Porter’s first wife was Amelia Scott, married September 23, 1860 in Knoxville, Illinois.  Amelia was born in 1840 in New York or Ohio, daughter of James Scott (born 1812 in Massachusetts) and Phebe (born 1821 in New York).
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Marriage Certificate for John Henry Porter and Amelia Scott.
Recorded at Knoxville, Knox County, Illinois, on September 22, 1860.
Ref. (Knox County, Ill. Vol. OOB, page 0050, Lic. 00003788.)

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Photo circa 1910

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The American Civil War lasted from April 1861 to April 1865 when Henry was 22 years old.  We don’t know if he served in the militia, but son Charles and daughter Jane were born during this period, indicating that Henry was at least near home on occasion.

Family records suggest Henry worked as a coal miner in Illinois, as a baker in Kansas and Oklahoma, and suggest that his father had the same occupations.

Amelia died in April, 1875 near Quincy, Illinois, with the birth of son William Oscar Porter.

Children of John Henry Porter and Amelia Scott are:

The November 8, 1850 Census for Township 11 N. 4 E., Knox County, Illinois recorded records the following:

Thomas Porter, age 53, occupation “Cooper”, born “Mass”

(Note:  “Cooper” is a barrel maker, the name given to a person who makes wooden barrels.)
Freelove Porter, age 54, born “Mass”
Otis Porter, age 20, occupation Laborer, born NY
Philip Porter, age 17, occupation Laborer, born PA
Rhoda Porter, age 19, born PA

Lucy Porter, age 12, born Ohio
Henry Porter, age 9, born Ohio

The October 16, 1850 Census for Peoria County, Illinois, records the following:


James W. Scott, 38, farmer, born Massachusetts
Pheba Scott, 29, born New York
William O. Scott, 11, born New York
Amelia Scott, 10, born New York
Willis Scott, 9, born New York
Lucy L. Scott, 7, born New York
Hannah J. Scott, 4, born Illinois
James W. Scott, 1, born Illinois.

The June 4, 1860 Census in Brimfield, Peoria County, Illinois (north-west corner of Peoria County) shows Amelia Scott, 20, born New York, occupation: “Domestic”, working as a domestic in the Chamberlan home.

Illinois State Archives report that James Scott of Philadelphia received a Military Tract land warrant, presumably from service in the War of 1812.  This warrant was used to buy land at Lot SW, Section 04, Township 09N, Range 07E, Mer. 4, Kickapoo Township, Peoria County, Illinois, 160 acres, on 10/31/1817.  It is possible that James Scott is the grandfather of Phebe Scott Porter.

The June 11, 1860 Census in Brimfield, Peoria County, Illinois (north-west corner of Peoria County) shows Henry Porter, 19, born Illinois, occupation: “Farm Hand”, working on the farm of John Addams. 
Is it possible that Henry was counted on both records?

The July 22, 1870 Census in Victoria Township, Knox County, Illinois shows
Henry Porter, 29, Day Laborer, Ohio

Emelia              30, Female, Keeps House, New York

Charles H        7, Male, At Home, Illinois

Nancy J           5, Female, Illinois

William O       4, Male, Illinois

Martha L         3, Female, Illinois

Amanda J Ruble, 19, Female, Day Servant






Charles Henry Porter




Yale, OK

Jane Porter





Otis William Porter





Lucinda Porter




Arkansas City, KS

John Frank Porter


Knox County, IL


2526 S.W. 23rd St., Oklahoma City, OK

Willis Wish Porter




Grace Lawn Cemetery, Perry, OK

William Oscar Porter




Tulsa, OK