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5 Kenneth Eugene Porter

Kenneth Eugene (Gene) Porter was born in Oklahoma City on March 25, 1929, son of Otis Clark Porter and Bonnie Marie Jennings. He died in Guthrie, Oklahoma on May 21, 1994.

Gene married Dorothy Gibson on October 24, 1948. She was born November 29, 1928, and died April 14, 2001.

The children of Kenneth Eugene Porter and Dorothy Gibson are:

Sharon Kaye Porter married Aubrey Theodore (Ted) Lanier. He was born in 1944.

Welcome to the FAMILY porter history web site


Circa 1935

Gene worked at the Keep-U-Neat Cleaners while still in high school, and seeing the Navy uniform thought it would be funny to try it on for a picture. Gene never joined the Navy, and graduated from Guthrie High in 1947.

Circa 1946







3 Months 1 week old.

July 1929

Summit View Cemetery

Guthrie, Oklahoma

Church Camp Meeting

Monark Springs (near Neosho, Missouri)



1) Sammy Taylor, 2) Veda McMillan, 3) David Madden, 4) Howard Miller, 5) Gus Pollus, 6) Robert Caughran, 7) Gene Beasly, 8) Donald Eck, 9) Charles Carrick, 10) Harvey Johnson, 11) James Huskey, 13) Gene Porter, 14) Wilma Melot Meek, 15) Evodna Thurman Marler, 16) Sybilla Miller, 17) Mary Allen, 18) Viola Atnip, 19) Mary Hope Miller, 20) Virgie Marler, 21) Inez Eck Beasly, 22) Mildred Lawson, 23) Betty Cash, 24) Lois Whipple Sharp, 25) Carrie McMillan, 26) Dorothy Barton, 27) Christine Eck, 28) Beulah Mae White, 29) Marilyn Beisley, 30) Reba Manue, 31) Henry Gibson, 32) Dorothy (Gibson) Porter, 33) Priscilla Green, 34) Mildred Detwiler Brown, 35) Wanita Stice, 36) Nava Jo Short, 37) June Carrick, 38) Ila Faye Stice, 39) Mayola Johnson, 40) Dora Lela Sorrell Beasly, 41) Aquilla Green, 42) Doris Busbee, 43) Jessie Taylor, 44) David Huskey, 45) Buster Johnson, 46) Wally Wilson, 49) ?? Hornbeck,


David Madden was a minister who went to Africa as a missionary, and while there contracted malaria, came home, and died from the disease. Dorothy Barton was bitten by a black widow spider and died. Dora Lela Beisley died from diabetes complications.


Mary Hope Miller Flynn says this picture was taken in 1948, the first year she went to Monark.


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Gene Porter at Safari Heights


Gene Porter, O.C. Porter, at Safari Heights


Gene Porter, Anecia Wall, OC Porter, Carrol Porter


(Back Row L to R) OC Porter, Henry Gibson, Marilyn Gibson, Edith Wall, Beverly Gibson, Doug Gibson

(Front row L to R) Francis Porter, Gene Porter, Anecia Wall, Lottie Porter, Della Porter, Dorothy Porter, Debbie Porter, Larry Hay (Sharon's first husband), Sharon Hay (Porter, Gene's daughter).

May 1976






Kenneth Eugene Porter, Jr.





Sharon Kaye Porter





Lyndon Verdayne Porter





Lyndel Dale Porter





Debora Renee Porter