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6 Martin Alden Weeks

Martin Alden Weeks was born December 04, 1954 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, son of Clarence Weeks, Jr. and Wanda June Hodge.

Marty is one of the family historians that have made this web site possible, the other being Jimmie Dean Porter (Son of Lloyd Merle Porter).  Our thanks go to them for their hard work.

Marty has turned up some interesting facts.  For example, he found in the 1890 Oklahoma Territory Census that his grandfather’s grandfather Rufus Weeks is listed as a resident of Cleveland County, Oklahoma, and that he was born in Illinois.  The census was taken between June 4 and June 14, 1890.

He also learned that his family moved from Coffeyville, Kansas to Norman, Oklahoma in July 1889.

Welcome to the FAMILY porter history web site