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2 Otis Porter

Otis Porter (known as Ott) was born about 1828 in New York, son of Thomas Porter and Freelove Clark. 

Otis married Hannah Rice on April 01, 1852 in Knox County, Illinois.  This record can be found at the County Court Records, Film # 1404972, 1411909 - 1411921 & 1412045 - 1412060.  Illinois State Archives web site says the marriage was in February, 1852.

Hannah was born February 1834 in New York, and died in 1926 in Yale, Oklahoma.  Otis died about 1906.

It has been reported by members of the Annis Family that Otis was a “merchant in Knox County”.  Click here for more information.

The children of Otis Porter and Hannah Rice are:

Welcome to the FAMILY porter history web site

The Oklahoma Land Run was in April 1889.  The 19 June 1890 U.S. Federal Census was destroyed in a fire. However, the June 4, 1890 Oklahoma Territory Census records Otis Porter, 61, born in New York, wife Hannah, 57, born in New York, and nephew Oscar, 15, born in Illinois, were residents of Payne (Stillwater) County, Oklahoma.  See it on microfilm at the Oklahoma Historical Society, page 1058, and indexed at http://www.ok-history.mus.ok.us/lib/1890/p.html

Otis may have died about this time.  We find his wife Hanna living with Oscar Porter and his wife Martha in the June 5, 1900 Census in Perkins, Payne County, Oklahoma.  Oscar is running a restaurant, and Hanna works as a waiter in the business.

Meanwhile, the June 17, 1880 Census in Victoria Township, Knox County, Illinois shows that Luther had moved in with his children and grand children. He has lost an arm and is disabled.

The July 25, 1870 Census taken in Victoria Township, Knox County, Illinois is shown below.  It appears that Luther had retired and that he and his wife moved to live with Otis and his family.  Victoria Township is immediately north of Truro Township.

The June 5, 1860 Census in Truro, Knox, Illinois is shown below.  Otis and Hannah and children were living on the Luther Rice farm.

Portions of the November 8, 1850 U.S. Census for Township 11 N. 4 E., Knox County, Illinois are shown here.  These listings are on the same page of the census, suggesting that Hannah Rice was a close neighbor of Otis.

The June 5, 1880 Census in Lynn Township, Knox County, Illinois shown here, demonstrating another move. Notice the change of origin to New York.  Lynn Township is immediately north of Victoria Township.

From Galesburg Illinois Republican-Register (newspaper)

“Mr. Luther Rice died at his residence, or rather at the residence of his son (Silvinus) Foster (Rice) on Wednesday, September 26, 1883, about 1-1/2 miles south of Victoria in Victoria Township, aged 90 years, give two or three months as can be ascertained.”

In the April 16, 1910 Census in Perkins, Oklahoma, Hannah is found living with her daughter, Sarah Jane Porter Annis and her husband Orr Annis, and their children.  Hanna is 75 years old.

From the March 1885 Kansas State Census recorded at the Town of Walton (Post Office Geuda Springs) in Sumner County.

Otis (56), Hannah (52), Otis William (19) and Oscar (9).
Note:  Otis William and Oscar were sons of John Henry Porter.  Otis was their uncle.






Hiram Porter





Sarah Jane Porter


Lafayette, IL


Yale, OK