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3 Sarah Jane Porter

Sarah Jane Porter, daughter of Otis Porter and Hanna Rice, was born March 20, 1856, in Lafayette (near Galvia), Knox County, Illinois. She died December 15, 1927, in Yale, Oklahoma.  She is buried at Fairlawn Cemetery, Stillwater, OK, Section 13, Row 36, Lot 2.

She married Orr William Annis on November 28, 1880 in Knox County, Illinois (see Volume 00F, page 0044, License 00005748).  He was born June 12, 1859, on a farm near Galvia, Knox County, Illinois, son of Andrew and Leah (Brown) Annis, and died May 30, 1931 in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  He is buried at Fairlawn Cemetery, Stillwater, OK, Section 13, Row 36, Lot 1.

(Note: Sarah’s brother Hiram Porter, married Sarah Frances Annis, sister of Orr William Annis.)

The children of Sarah Jane Porter and Orr William Annis are:

Orva Florence Annis married Butch Thurber.
Allie Annis married John (Guy) Preston Moore.


More information on the Annis family can be found at

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Welcome to the FAMILY porter history web site

In the April 16, 1910 Census in Perkins, Oklahoma, Sarah’s mother Hannah Rice Porter, is living with them.  Hanna is 75 years old.

In the April 1889 Oklahoma Land Run, Sarah Jane (Porter) Annis and Orr William Annis homesteaded one mile east of Perkins, Oklahoma.

The July 25, 1870 Census taken in Victoria Township, Knox County, Illinois is shown below.  It appears that Luther had retired and that he and his wife moved to live with Otis and his family.  Victoria Township is immediately north of Truro Township.

The June 5, 1860 Census in Truro, Knox, Illinois is shown below.  Otis and Hannah and children were living on the Luther Rice farm.

The June 5, 1880 Census in Lynn Township, Knox County, Illinois shown here, demonstrating another move. Notice the change of origin to New York.  Lynn Township is immediately north of Victoria Township.

In the June 29, 1900 Census in Stillwater, Oklahoma, William Orr Annis is Sheriff of Payne County, Oklahoma.






Frank Marquis Annis


Knox County, IL


Buried at Fairlawn Cemetery, Stillwater

Orva Florence Annis


Knox County, IL



Allie Annis


7 Mi West of Arkansas City, KS


Cushing, OK

Roy Jesus Annis


Near Arkansas City, KS



Jessie Hannah Annis


Near Arkansas City, KS



Nellie Bell Annis


Near Perkins, OK Terr



Ray William Annis


Stillwater, OK